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TPP Online As is required by Florida Law, each business must file a Tangible Personal Property (TPP) tax return each year providing their assets exceed $25,000, they have never filed, or their assets are less than $25,000 from the previous year due to normal depreciation.  The filing requires all TPP be listed, along with additional information required for each item.  The Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser’s office now provides an online interactive system for the annual filing of TPP returns, thus eliminating the need for manual paper filing by business owners and their agents. When utilizing the TPP Online system, and after following the appropriate secure login, the authorized user is granted access to all account information, which is pre-filled from the previous year’s filing for their specific account.  Users are able to make the appropriate changes to the current items list and/or add any newly acquired items directly to the web form.  In the case of a first time filer, a spreadsheet template is available for download, allowing the filer to complete the form for a large number of items.  The completed template file can then be uploaded through the website for processing.  Once all items have been updated for the current year’s filing, a review of the current year’s changed items is displayed and available for download.  The filing is completed by entering the preparer’s email address.  A confirmation email is sent to the preparer, agent, account owner, and the Santa Rosa County TPP Division.  Each year, per statute, filers are allowed to make a request for an extension of the May 1st filing period end date.  To accommodate for the intermixed filing dates of Federal and TPP returns, users may register and be granted the extension of the final filing date.  Making this request available online allows the filer more time to collect required information, saving them time by not duplicating the efforts for the separate returns. The TPP online filing system has been utilized by over 54 percent of account filers.  This web service makes available all necessary forms and information needed to understand the requirements of filing a complete TPP return.  For a more detailed aid, interactive videos are available on the website. These interactive videos demonstrate step-by-step instructions and examples describing how the return is to be completed. In addition, an online user’s guide is available for review or print, along with a comprehensive question and answer section. Access to the TPP Online system is controlled through use of an account number and PIN code.  For security, the PIN code is changed annually and mailed only to the business owner.  Owners may authorize a CPA or other agent to receive the PIN for filing. Users are directed per the mailing, to the “Tangible Personal Property Filing Online” website. The Santa Rosa County, Florida Property Appraiser’s office distinguishes itself by providing cutting-edge, online services to enhance the efficiency of this office and the effectiveness of services, thus exceeding the requirements of our constituents. Dedication to high-quality service through innovation and technological advancement is the true mission of the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser’s office and staff.