Gregory S. Brown, CFA Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser
Gregory S. Brown, CFA
Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser
2018 Proposed Rates Tax Estimator

Homestead portability is not factored into this calculation. If you are qualified to port any of your deferred value then your actual taxes will be lower than this estimate.

Step 1. Enter the Property Sale Price: $10,000 Minimum Value
(No commas please)


Step 2. Millage Rate ( See Millage Table Below ): Select a Taxing District from the drop down list and the corresponding millage rate will be entered.

   Proposed Millage rate 

Step 3. Homestead Exemption ?:
(Maximum of $50,000. Exemptions cannot exceed property value.)

Step 4. Other Exemptions: Check exemptions that apply
  $  500   Widow/ Widower Exemption  
  $  500   Non-Service Connected Disability Exemption  
  $5000   Service Connected Disability Exemption  
  $  500   Blind Persons Disability Exemption  

Step 5. Calculate Property Tax Estimate:
Use the reset button to enter a new calculation. Errors can result if the form is not reset between calculations.


The estimated Ad Valorem Property Taxes* are:

** Unofficial Estimate **
The Estimated Taxes are based on the 2018 Proposed Millage Rate

For your planning purposes only.

*Many factors may affect the actual tax bill including, but not limited to, Special Assessments such as Fire Protection, Street Lighting, Street Paving, etc. For information regarding Special Assessments that may be applicable to a specific taxing district, please contact the Special Assessments Office at (850) 983-1853.

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